The Crown and Cudgel

About two generations ago, a powerful fighter named Bracus declared himself King of Armlock. He had enough loyal warriors that he had been able to bully his way through the district for a number of years. Then, he declared all Armlock smiths and craftsmen would pay taxes to him and seek his blessings for business ventures.

This would not stand. Rather than appeal to the Judges, a group of smiths and fighters from the district united to return this pretender to his proper place.

These amateur warriors took up arms and marched to Bracus’s “keep” (actually just a large home in the neighborhood), defeated his men through dedication and strength of numbers, and confronted Bracus. Refusing to surrender, he challenged a muscular dwarf who seemed to be leading the crowd.

This dwarf, Rodgher, studied Bracus for a moment, learning how the “king” would fight based on the wear on his plate and greatsword. Seeing that the crown Bracus had insisted on attaching to his helmet posed a weakness in the armor, Rodgher focused his attacks on clubbing away at the crown. Prideful Bracus didn’t understand until just before the point of the crown popped it’s rivet and turned inward, ending his “kingdom.”

The warriors in the rebellion, inspired by local pride and a newfound sense of power, decided to institutionalize themselves by forming the Crown and Cudgel Mercenary Company. In addition to recalling their great victory, they appreciated the metaphor of a crude weapon being used to defeat great power through intelligent application.

The organization has proved itself skilled, if a bit uninspiring outside the Armlock. They are thought of as yeoman mercenaries throughout Genesta but in their neighborhood they are very well regarded. Occasionally called upon to enforce order in the district, residents of the Armlock see them as a good precaution against another Bracus.

The organization is currently led by Humbert Alman, not the company’s strongest fighter but a competent administrator. He was easily elected 5 years ago and has maintained his position unchallenged.

The Crown and Cudgel

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