General History

Genesta was sealed around 4000 years ago, by the gods and godlike creatures known as the Coalition of Light. It’s roughly 15 miles long and 10 miles wide,

Historical Figures:

Coco the Builder: Coco was a deputy of Ariadne at the time of the Sealing. She was responsible for constructing the city of Genesta over the ruins of a formerly great capital. She is revered by followers of Ariadne in particular, and there is a statue of her in the Pavilion of the Sun, near the seat of the Judges and the Tri-Ace.

Lufia: An elf known as The Great Archer and First Adventurer. When it was discovered that there was a Troll in the city somehow, when Genesta had been sealed only a few months, she created a Fireball Arrow that she shot into the monster’s mouth, destroying it. She’s depicted in art with long, platinum hair, which she always adorned with a white flower.


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