Factions in Genesta

There are many ways to make money and spend your time in Genesta. Some important families, employers, and factions are included here; however, this is by no means an exhaustive list of the factions a character might be a member of.

Druidic Orders: There are several throughout the city. One order is the Stone Shoes, an order of mostly Halfling Druids who have a magical connection with the urban terrain of Genesta itself, and who have a library of history and arcana at the Tri-Ace. There’s also the Circle of Mossy, who oversee the growth of crops (and augment the rain and soil with magic to ensure the crops can feed all of Genesta), and some more secretive sects in the forest and in The Lumens.

The Order of Kaeia: a Clerical order dedicated to Kaeia and to the safety and security of the city. Most analogous to a city guard.

The Society of Ariadne: A coalition of clerics, administrators and builders (who are supported and funded by many of the major families of Genesta) who care for the city itself. They ensure that repairs are made to public roads, that fountains and wells remain in good working order, and that statues and monuments are financed and erected.

The Kalak-ak: A loose confederation of Orc-descended in Genesta. Only one small half-orc tribe was determined to be worth protecting/safe to others when Genesta was being built. As a result, “half” orc is generous and many are very thin on Orcish features; further, there are a fair amount of other faintly Orcish people all over Genesta. While some members of the Kalak-ak are active proponents of orcish community and culture, others don’t care at all and generally think of themselves as human (or half-elf). It is still correct, however, to refer to anyone with any Orc lineage as part of the Kalak-ak.

The Wall Riders: A group of mounted rangers whose order swore an old oath to protect the Wall, to ensure the magic that protected the city never fail. They oppose (disruptively or violently, if necessary) attempts that various groups have made in the past to try to break through the Wall or otherwise leave the city.

Paragons of Indalecio: This group (generally understood to be a cult), operates out of Indalecio’s Tower, which is the tallest building in Genesta. Since the order was founded, it has been dedicated to one goal: building a tower so tall, they could see over the Wall. It’s a collection of primarily spellcasters who seek knowledge for its own sake, and crave to know the greatest mystery of all: what is outside of Genesta? It is unknown whether Indalecio himself is still alive; his followers claim he lives, but he hasn’t been seen by anyone outside the Paragons for hundreds of years.

The Crown and Cudgel Mercenary Company: A mercenary company with a storied history based in Armlock.

The Rose and Arrows: a Magic User’s Guild based in the School of Arcana at the Tri-Ace.

Gravediggers Union: Really is all sorts of dealing with the dead. Perhaps they sell some bodies around town for other purposes as well.

The Star Guard: an order that serves Riha and work at night, protecting people from the night that is dark and full of terrors. Star Guards are of virtually any class or background.

There are also many other guilds, including for merchants, magic users, thieves, assassins, fighters and gladiators, gravediggers, other religious orders for all deities, and others so well-hidden and secret that few know about them at all.

Factions in Genesta

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